About the book

I wrote this book in 2014 during a challenging time in my life. It is based on the book of Nehemiah. It chronicles the lessons learnt during this time.

We did a preaching series called “To The Wall” and it gave me the courage I needed at that time.

I am the last person to write about prayer. And this book about a lot more than prayer. It is about a journey one takes when that which is before them is beyond their own strength.

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A review

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your incredible book To the Wall.
I have not been sleeping that well and in the early hours of the morning while talking to God about what was going on in my head I felt strongly I needed to read your book.

I cannot tell you how much this book has meant to me. I felt like it was written just for me at this time.
Marc has to hear about it all the time. I re- tell every chapter to him.
I feel courage has stirred up again to do the BHAM.
And to ask for it again.
I love the honesty about the opposition that will come yet I feel a stirring in me that says you can do this!!!!!!
So a huge thank you.
This might sound so cheesy but I said to Christine today that I have felt reading your book at this time has been one of those milestone moments in my faith journey!
I actually get quite emotional (not unusual I know) as I think and meditate on how God has spoken to me through this book! Wow!