“No chance at all,” Jesus said, “if you think you can pull it off by yourself. Every chance in the world if you trust God to do it.” – Luke 18:27



Boy, this has been a subject of my life for all the years I have been a Christ follower. People have claimed the miraculous. They have faked miracles. I remember a time (maybe it still is like this) where your so-called spirituality was measured by how many people received a miracle when you prayed for them. Some Christians “specialise” in miracle prayer and gain a reputation for how “God uses them”. Churches even use miracles in their marketing strategy, “Come to our event, and get your miracle” type of thing.

Seriously. I have seen some stuff.

Does God still do miracles

Am I a cynic when it comes to miracles? Definitely not! And it was in reading Eugene Peterson’s devotional last week that got me thinking. His definition and insight into the gift of miracles is what resonates deeply with me and what I have witnessed all my life.

And, I quote….

Miracle, through the biblical tradition, is not what we don’t understand but what is done for us that we can’t do ourselves. Miracle is functional. It’s what God does for us or does for us through other people that we can’t do ourselves. – Eugene Peterson

Further more

He goes on and says, The word does not mean that which is beyond our comprehension but rather that which is beyond our ability. Eugene Peterson

My own story

If there is anything that defines the miraculous life of so many follower of Jesus is that God has done so much for people that they can’t do for themselves. Christine and my story is a story of God doing stuff that is simply beyond our ability. I am sure you can testify to this yourself.

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