I Am No Music Boff

My friends know that I am not a big music guy, but – last night I met Ben Harper. Not that I met him, shook hands, chatted and stuff – but met him, because in the concert I attended, I met him, and others!

I only knew Ben for the days that my girls listened to him in my car when they were teenagers.  I knew he existed, and I enjoyed listening to his music. But I was, and still am, a Jack Johnson fan. Jack was always a little happier than Ben.

Ben Harper In ConcertBen Harper

Anyway… my friend Steve invited us to join him, his wife and some friends to the Ben Harper concert in Cape Town. (We’re here in Cape Town visiting our daughter Shani and her husband Will).

As I said, I am somewhat acquainted with Ben’s music, but didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away by this okes passion and his music. Thank you, Ben Harper.

She Believes In Me

But the song that struck me was the beautiful way he sang the song, “When She Believes”. For the sake of space, I am not copying all the lyrics into this blog, but here is a line or two:

Now I have heard a hundred violins crying
And I, I have seen a hundred white doves flying
But nothing is as beautiful as when she believes
When she believes

When she believes in me, In me.

 Now I, I have heard the wisest of wisdom

And I, I have dined in palaces and kingdoms

But nothing is as beautiful as when she believes
When she believes

What A Great Song

As he began to sing this song, and the words began to impact me, I knew what he meant. I have been blessed enough to have been married to a woman that has believed in me and… that’s beautiful, she’s beautiful.

She Believes In Me

When we decided to leave our families to live and study in the US, she believed. When, returning from our studies and at the tender age of 24, to start a church in a town that neither of us have lived in before, she believed.

When this church struggled, and we lived on a farm in a 1 bedroomed flat with an outside kitchen, she believed. When we moved 11 times in 10 years, had three children, built a building, started a school, led the church, she believed.

Bold Changes

When I felt God say leave Empangeni, the place where our kids had been born, and our church was now thriving, she believed in me. When we started Grace Family Church, she believed. When Grace remained small and we had no money and we lived in flats, she believed.

When we took on a massive building project with limited resource, she believed. As I have changed roles to start this mission of MarkBeingHuman, she has believed in me.

Christine Is Beautiful

Yes, I can talk about her faith and her faithfulness. I can mention that we have been called by God and she has believed in Him who has called us. But Christine has not simply been a “support”, she has been an equal partner in a journey that has taken courage, faith and hardship. She has believed in God and in me.

To you dear Christine, thank you for the beauty of your believing.

And with all my heart, I believe in you.

PS. If there are any mistakes in this blog, it is because, Christine, I didn’t want you to edit it and read it before I had posted it!! 

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