Yesterday’s Message at Grace

Yesterday was quite a big day for me. I shared a message about my change of role at Grace. For those who are not familiar with my role at Grace Family Church, let me give you a quick update.

Christine and I started Grace in 1992. We have seen the church grow from a few people to quite a lot. As a church, we have 11 Sunday Services in 4 different venues. Several thousand people meet each weekend.


Over the past several years we have been talking about succession. And yesterday, we commissioned Tom Basson as our new Co-Senior Pastor along with Wayne. Although I will be tracking with them, I am phasing out of my role as Senior Pastor. And this is quite different and challenging!

But as I explained to the congregation, I am not retiring nor am I disappearing. I will be fulfilling several roles while at the same time developing an online ministry.


Back to the “big day” comment at the beginning of this piece.

Christine and I started our first church in 1982 and have been leading churches ever since! How long is that now? 37 years? Almost 38 years. Now, we are heading into new and unknown territory.  

A new beginning

It’s exciting and daunting at the same time. I love our young and emerging leaders. Tom is a gifted man and along with Wayne will do a terrific job. And I get to cheer them on.

In my new role at Grace I will be adding value to our church by supporting Wayne and Tom as well as starting an online mission.


Pretty daunting – but really, we have one life, we may as well give it a full go!

I hope you will join me as spiritual beings seeking to immerse ourselves in the human experience. This happens as we live and experience:

  • Oneness with God.
  • Oneness with each other.
  • And, Oneness with our life’s purpose.

If you want to know the story of Grace Family Church click here. In 2015 we did a short documentary which tells the story.  


PS. Check out my latest Vlog.

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