So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” (Matt 6:34)

 There is a lot of talk and writing these days about us “being present” or “being in the moment”. Jesus spoke about this over 2000 years ago! Us 21st century, digitally savvy peeps are not so smart with our Smart Phones!

Best Days ever

With my phone in hand, I was musing yesterday about what has been the best day of my life so far. The day I met Christine? Our wedding day? Or, how about the days that my three daughters were born? Then I remembered the day I finished high school, and completed my compulsory military service. Those were great days.

And so my mind wandered. Wow, in 2017 Christine and I sat and watched every wave on the 2017 Pipeline Masters in Oahu. Heck, I have actually surfed Pipeline!

Making plans

Then I thought how often I have found myself looking forward to some adventure. Take that Hawaii trip Christine and I took a few years ago. We saved for almost 2 years for the trip. We planned and researched. We made bookings 18 months before taking the trip! In fact, the planning and the waiting for the day was part of the whole experience. And we were pumped and excited when we eventually began the adventure.

We go through life making plans, don’t we? This is what makes us human. Having consciousness so we can make plans for the future,  so we are able to remember the past – this is all part of the human experience.

Being robbed

But, sometimes we get robbed of the one thing that is certain. The present. Today!

Living in the past, longing for something in the future, is part of life. But, the one thing we have is the “now”. The today! Living in the present, being present. This is a lot easier said than done.

This idea of being present can feel so mundane, so ordinary. And I don’t really have a 3 step solution to living and being present in the present. But, I do know it is true. The one thing we have… is the now.

The practice of Gratitude

Let me leave you with one practice you may want to try.

Be grateful and express gratitude.

When your car starts, be grateful. When the traffic light turns green, whisper a thanks. When you take your first sip of coffee, exhale and thank the people who invented the cappuccino. When you get to work, or get home from work, when someone helps you solve your problem, when you help someone with their problem, when the waiter eventually brings you your food, when your team wins or loses – be grateful that you had a today, today.

Enders what?

And finally – be grateful that you only watched 10 minutes of an episode of Games of Thrones. And never watched another episode again. Be grateful that you have no idea about super heroes and Enders Game or End Game, or whatever the hell it is called.

Let me know your secrets for living today, today!

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