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Fear & Lack

President Trump has thrived on separation through promoting fear and lack. He is not the only one. South Africa is preparing for general elections. Many of the political party’s are promoting fear and lack in their advertising. Some would say that Brexit is a fear and lack issue. 

Trum tweet

The consequence

As human beings fell victim to separation from God, so did the earth. In the genesis of all things, the earth was designed to be the beneficiary of a generative human being. Instead, it has been exploited under a mindset of fear and not enough.

Climate change is more of a consequence than a problem. In other words, to fix the consequence we need to resolve the problem. Yes, the earth has been badly managed, but the questions remains. Why? Why has it been badly managed.

Your world view.

I would argue that the bad management is stoked by a world view that says there is not enough. This world view demands that we need to take as much as we can, as quick as we can, because, you never know… In other words, there is not enough for all and I am afraid that I will be the one who lands up without.

There is enough

A world view that believes there is enough for everyone will create the climate of abundance. I believe that God has created our planet to be generative. Seeds produce plants that produce seeds. One seed can produce a plant that can produce lots of other seeds, to have lots of other plants…. You get my drift.

Kindness to others begets kindness. Which in turn begets more kindness, and soon there is more than enough kindness for us to get along. I can hear you all bust out in song, Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya…”

Generative living – a true force

This may sound hippy-ish. But the truth is, generative living has its own life force. The garden of Eden story tells us that to be human, is to be generative. To live through the lens of there is more than enough, even when we feel lack.


Union with God, union with each other and union with creation is what it takes to be generative. I am not going to be able change the whole world into a life-giving generative place. But I can have a generative attitude to the person who is in front of me. It may be my child, or the person serving me in a store. Or someone who dresses differently, thinks differently, talks differently, believes differently. But that person is an image bearer of God, and when I “see” them, I experience a little of the God kind of life.

This is where healing our environment starts! When we no longer have fear and lack driving us, we can start to care for the earth. We don’t need to cut corners to “have more”.


Because there is more than enough!

Be generative! Try it, I dare you…

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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